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Move the Sticks hosts preview the Week 14 matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs. Subscribe to NFL: Check …

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  1. wtf? "think to the saints and dallas game, even though that was a dallas home game." sooo.. the team with the massive home-field advantage wins? what even is the logic in this statement? lamar jackson can scramble around all he wants, they are not going to win in a shootout against KC. the raiders game was a fluke. literally two days after losing hunt, traveling to oakland and playing a historic rival and still winning by a touchdown. chiefs outscore the ravens by at least two possessions.

  2. 27-24 Ravens…The Ravens will score on defense, Lamar throws for 1Td and rushes for another with 2 field goals to close it out.

  3. It’s gonna be close chiefs 35 ravens 31

    Ravens defense is good but Chiefs offense is also good, of course my record of predicting games is only 5-7 so I might be wrong ????

  4. How many TD's will Mahomes throw tommorrow? Do you think he will beat Payton Manning record for most TD's in a season. Last thing will he win MVP this year?

  5. Doubting the Chiefs…?? Incase some have caught amnesia. Let me feel you in.. This is the Mahomes era, Alex era is dust in the wind..

  6. I'll laugh if the Chiefs load the box and Lamar passes it a lot more, and catches them off guard. Let's go Ravens Caw Caw….

  7. Ravens are going to turn the ball over in a hostile Arrowhead, Chiefs win. This Ravens defense is not that scary. They rely on the blitz and Mahomes can beat it every time.

  8. I hope my boys can pull off the upset. Honestly I'm worried bout this one. I know KC one of the hardest stadiums to go to and win. Let's go Ravens. U beat the Chiefs then u def. ready for the playoffs

  9. Our Defense cannot sack their QB , but they sack our QB ( Mahomes ) , we cannot stop them for anything and we’re at Arrowhead , Reid what are you doing ???

  10. The #1 defense couldn't keep up with the Kansas city chiefs at arrowhead Lamar Jackson got ?up and KC made a huge stand on defense.

  11. Rhett Lewis, Daniel Jeremiah. How to stop Jackson? You sack him!! Houston and D ford. Rhett Daniel you picked wrong chiefs 27 ravens 24. Stop trying to make predictions lol how bout dem chieeeefs. Lol

  12. Hah! Close on the predictions, but no cigar. Mahomes crushed the #1 defense with a REDICULOUS game tying drive in the 4th quarter.

  13. I always love to go back on a thread where the opposing team is talking all this trash! But you didn’t back it up! 27-24 Chiefs! You gave us a tough game, but Mahomes and company pulled it out.

  14. Chiefs 29 – 22. Lamar jackson 1728 for 203 yds and 1 tds with 12 carries for 102 yds and 1 td. Chris jones 6 tackles 2 tfl and 3 sacks.

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