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On Monday’s episode of the show, the guys debate everything Anthony Davis: Will he be dealt before the February 7th trade deadline? Are the Celtics or Lakers …

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  1. If Lebron had signed an one-year deal, they could have traded him too and let him come back in free agency LOL. That way, they would have a stacked as team next yr

  2. If LeBron wanted to win so badly, why the fuck did he go to the Lakers lmao
    Could have went to any contenders in the either conference, but chose a bad rookie team with a new coach. He knew what he was walking into.

  3. Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson + first round pick for Anthony Davis

    Then Anthony Davies goes to the Lakers for kuzma ball ingram and luke walton lol

  4. With Danny Ainge's trade record, why the hell would the Pelicans want to deal with him? he doesn't lose trades and typically its not close..

  5. I know it's far-fetched but what if NO sends AD (and maybe Clark) to the Spurs for Aldridge, Bertans, Forbes and a 1st round pick?

  6. Australian guy is crazy
    Kuzma, Ball, Ingram, Zubac, +1st rnd pick for Anthony BrokenAnkles Davis???? THA FUCK? DUDE HASN'T BEEN PAST THE 2ND ROUND WTFFFF

  7. Lebron doesn't want ANY coaches…he thinks he is the Coach, the Gm and every freaking thing…. Focus on your god damn game and leave the damn front office alone. I mean Lebron hurts a franchise more than the few years he is there.

  8. The concern of Boston is that Davis will not re-sign at the end of the season, which would mean that they just wasted their young talents for a SINGLE run in the playoffs.

  9. Lonzo better than smart kuzma better than tatum ingram better than jaylen check the stats pelican are gonna loose if they decide to get tatum over kuzma cmon now 44 points as a sophmore no doubt is he better

  10. The scenario you guys didn't address with Anthony Davis is if he comes out and says I will not sign an extension with any team except The Lakers that significantly reduces his trade value to Boston, but also to the The Lakers. Right now he hasn't said that so his trade value is the highest it will be.

  11. NOLA needs to wait for the summer and take the call from the Celtics. Their trade package is better than the lakers. Get this right NOLA!

  12. @the starters #thestarters BEST PACKAGE is
    Skeets and the black raptors cap behind him paired with
    Trey and his Taco13 jersey from Nola.

    Guess where i want him traded!?

  13. Everyone thought that the Cousins trade was the worst thing Sac made…but Sac came up on those trades.. buddy hield has become a threat. Now it looks like the tides have turned since the trade for NOLA

  14. If the Celtics are only allowed to trade for AD on the 1st July, how can the Bostons picks be involved in the tradepackage, when the draft is on the 20th June? Isn't there a logical mistake?

  15. Tatum brown Smart/Rozier is NOT a better offer than Kuzma Ball Zubac now maybe factoring in Sacramento pick but IDK why y'all act like Boston has MUCH more

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