Bol Bol Selected Round 2 Pick 44 Crowd Erupts

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Bol Bol son of ex-NBA player Manute Bol has been on the radar and spotlight throughout the NBA night draft!

Bol Bol NBA Draft 2019 Erupts after Selection!

For some reason he showed a sad face as Round 1 passed and he was not chosen. He is a strong player, lots of skills but having his foot broken might have teams hesitant to choose him.

Round 2 came pick #44 and his name was called, the crowd erupts in happiness. The crowd wear different jerseys but still they rooted for Bol Bol.

Bol Bol Crowd Erupts on NBA Draft 2019 Selection

As Bol Bol himself said during the interview “I didn’t know I have a lot of friends.”

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