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Lamar Jackson rushed for 50 yards and threw for 267 yards against the Chiefs defense. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 3 of …

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This NFL’s video is titled Lamar Jackson Highlights in QB Duel vs. Mahomes | NFL 2019 and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:05:59, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. They make each 2-pt conversion then they’d have had the lead.
    Mahomes can throw but Lamar can run. If Lamar can learn to feel the pocket and chill in the pocket, then Ravens are gonna be a problem

  2. The coaching hurt lamar this game. They got all hyped up in this matchup of lamar vs mahomes and screwed him. They should have been more patient/conservative matriculating the ball down the field judiciously and stopped forcing lamar to throw so many unnecessary deep balls. KC looked like they wanted no problems stopping the run against ingram and company but when they got down they had to air it out more. This game is on the playcalling. Remember hes still only 22 and statistically the best at his age so far and 2 of his three losses have came against the chiefs so all in all he and the ravens will be ok as long as they remember who THEY are and not what the league says they need to be.

  3. Love how they're using him in the pistol formation

    He's very familiar with it considering that he use it in college and that you can pretty much do anything that you already doing the shotgun and under Center formations

  4. Lamar played KC twice in his career, both at arrow head. First game mahomes threw a last minute 4th down hail mary to win. Second game, ravens lose by only 5 points. No doubt ravens will absolutely beat KC when they go to M and T.

  5. If/when the Ravens play the Chiefs again in the AFC Championship they need to not try another one of those tacky 2-point conversions after even the first TD of the game, they have the most reliable FG kicker of all time!!! Play their game and the Ravens can keep up with anyone else from this season.

    Every other Lamar and Mahomes showdown has been close though (0-2 Mahomes so far), I just hope it won't dissapoint.

  6. Why not get a pocket passer and Lamar as a running back? He can do the passing for short throws and the pocket passer for long ones

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