Watch NBA Zion Dropped 26 PTS in Preseason Home Opener

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Zion Williamson tallied 26 PTS (9/12 FG) & 5 REB to lead the Pelicans to victory in their #NBAPreseason home opener!

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This NBA’s video is titled Zion Dropped 26 PTS in Preseason Home Opener and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:01:46, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. In the season when it actually matters rudy will kill zion. Your hyping him up over a preason game. It doesn't matter

  2. I put Zion in that really athletic guy that can't actually ball like Wiggins, you know the type. But this man lookin like the real deal. Wish the best for him.

  3. This guy need to lose weight. he can play with so much weight right now because he is just a kid but later he can have serious injury

  4. The surely doesn't look nor play like a rookie. I'd say in just 3 years he's gonna take the Pelicans to the conference Finals. Bold statement but I know my basketball pretty well.

  5. They said Zion wont be an allstar but doesnt this jazz team have a few allstar players? Anyway Zion looked like the best player on the floor.

  6. Has anyone seen the height and weight chart and notice how speedster he is from the ENTIRE rest of the league.

  7. Don't get why people hate, just hope that he has a great career, what's the point of trying to put him down and saying that he's a bust? What do these people get out of being negative? lol

  8. The only problem with Zion is he does a lot of sketchy plays to injure himself Lmaoo but that cuz he a big boy he just gotta watch out and not injury himself

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