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HEAT at PACERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 8, 2020 The Miami Heat defeated the Indiana Pacers, 122-108. Tyler Herro recorded a team-high 19 …

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This NBA’s video is titled HEAT at PACERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 8, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:40, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I love to see D wade playing in this team but sad to say, he retired. And now, though dwade is not on the team but I really like they play right now. The chemistry is very incredible. Go for the finals miami heat?…

  2. These past few games seem like it's just been Sabonis backpacking. Warren balled out against the Hornets but every other game Domas has been the only one that has seemed focused. Does losing Brogdan really mess up the rest of the lineup that bad???

    Edit: Can we just not have stupid "fights" in basketball? Please?

  3. Heat are already solid contenders. What is the 3rd best record in the NBA 38 games in? A fluke? Slept walk to this record? This is not the Suns or Wolves, or even the Knicks. This is a franchise that like the Spurs, can win with whatever talent they have. Currently the Spurs are in a rebuild but hey, still in the playoff hunt like the Heat during the down years. Good organizations don’t tank, they develop and find their pieces. Heat have the pieces. A trade is not for them to become contenders, it’s more for them to be come Finals favorite.

  4. I absolutely hate the 2nd pacers commentator. He is so godamn bias and nitpicky which makes listening to him all game annoying. The main commentator is coo tho

  5. We need one more big man and we have a championship team. I honestly thinkf Winslow should be our back up PF and bulk up a bit. He could definitely be a Draymond green type player off the bench.

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