Watch NBA Trae Young, James Harden Duel With 40-PT Triple Doubles!

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Check out James Harden and Trae Young go back and fourth, while making NBA HISTORY by becoming the first opposing players to each finish with 40-PT …

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This NBA’s video is titled Trae Young, James Harden Duel With 40-PT Triple Doubles! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:17, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. When you see the top 10 in turnover rate and then you immediately bring up conversation about single game fg%.

  2. No defense! Wow boring game! When they guard harden on the 3 point line with there hands up then he shoots and they drop there arms !

  3. My Grandma could score in this soft ass league, refs call love taps and kisses on the cheek fouls, only a select few players can drop 40 today and make it look exciting.?????

  4. If you'll notice, harden had 22 in the first qtr. That means the rest of the game he was either trash at shooting or he was stat-padding.

  5. 2:09 is the difference between steph curry and Trae,

    Trae settles for 3’s, curry never settles for a bad 3, steph would never take a shot like that he would’ve given an extra move or 2 before pulling that joint up

  6. I wouldnt normally say this but Trae is a consistently better shooter than my boy curry out west. This man always ballin every night, but curry be missing sometimes. Just wishy washy! But Trae got a long way to go to even think about catching up with curry stats!!

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