Watch NFL Lamar Jackson on Divisional Loss, "I had a lot of mistakes."

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Lamar Jackson’s post game press conference after divisional playoff loss to the Tennessee Titans. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our other …

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This NFL’s video is titled Lamar Jackson on Divisional Loss, "I had a lot of mistakes." and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:04:54, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Gotta Love Lamar Jackson, feel bad for him but Ravens fans Actually believed they would win a Championship, As long as Patrick Mahomes is Playing QB in K.C. this is going to be the outcome in Baltimore!

  2. Lamar's personality and temperament is so underrated. Remember with Flacco that's all we heard about was "Joe Cool" and how he was always even keel. To date, Lamar's play has been flashy but his actions and statements have been as lowkey and even keel as it gets. I think he deserves some praise for just how humble this kid has been.

  3. That first turnover was not his fault. He did make mistakes, but so did the receivers. So did the coaches. So did the defense. So did the o-line. It was a failure to execute on opportunities while the Titans capitalized on theirs. I hate how so many people are calling Lamar Jackson a post-season choker. They lost in 2018 to a Chargers team who was one of the best in the league, who they had just beaten two weeks prior, and who was ready for them. This year, they ran into a Titans team who turned around since Tannehill became QB. I don't think the Titans got enough credit, but they were better than their 9-7 record would indicate.

  4. His answer should’ve just been “I realized I had to ACTUALLY throw the ball couldn’t just run it and carry the team like I did in the regular season”

  5. imagine being so pissed off because you lost an important game but then you remember you have to be polite and respectful during the press conference. idk how people can do this.

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