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@yaonlylivvonce & @rusevig battle @thelanawwe & @bobbylashley in a Mixed Tag Team Match TONIGHT on #Raw!

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  1. @wwe Enough already PLEASE!!! This feud has run its course. With all due respect, it just needs to end. Let Liv and Lana continue if necessary but let Rusev and Lashley move on already.

  2. Show they Revuse day that you are strong no matter what people say as for Lana she can go to hell for all you can

  3. So if you watched the match… at the end you can clearly see Liv pop up as the ref counts 3. why does she go around to where Rusev is against the apron? If she’s truely there for Lana, she should have went after Lana. Match ended or not. @wwe @yaonlylivvonce (I loved seeing her back in the ring, just not this program).

  4. Everyone thought that Liv would be Sister Abigail. Ya’ll fcked it up when you put her on a lesbian story and ended up losing her comeback match. What a waste WWE. All expectations wasted

  5. I appreciated this match only because we were reminded that, face or heel, @thelanawwe has NO wrestling skills at all! ?

  6. Rusev and Liv Morgan should have one now this storyline is very dead people only watching it because it’s a Trainwreck they’re not really watching it for his favor Liv Morgan should be going after the WWE Women’s Championship not no relationship Liv Morgan wrestling was wrong y’all Lily got her to get a new character for her just to only get squash this is why y’all need new writers everything don’t make no type of sense this is why you have the fans bullying the dang employees like seriously steak out this story line nobody cares for it they only watching it because they’re only watching the show if Impact Wrestling was back on Monday night’s y’all would have been losing on Monday Night Raw just because of crap like this it’s not even funny or deciding no more is very annoying .the Ricochet and Brock Lesnar angle with more funny than this like for real I know you think you got people bullying and Bobby Lashley and Lana because of this storyline this is the type of storyline your sister TV ratings are struggling .like that’s not even funny is really embarrassing

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