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@619iamlucha challenges @andradealmas for the #USTitle in a #LadderMatch TONIGHT on #Raw. @zelina_vegawwe

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  1. Honestly i don’t know why they hype the match I love Rey mysterio I really do hope he wins the us title back one day in the future he deserves it but Andrade is gonna win every match he gets because of Vega shes the only reason why he ends up winning his matches really well when he faces really tough competition like Rey could have won today if it wasn’t for Vega getting in the way again so I don’t know they even bother hyping up a match like this when the obvious winner is gonna be him I don’t get it personally like lesnar being wwe champion when he barely even shows up I personally think he shouldn’t be wwe champion he’s a part timer a true champion shows up everyday to work to defend his title when ever he has to or to defend it in general all the great champions to hold the wwe championship belt were no part timers that I remember that is they showed up to every show not when they felt like it. I really hope rey wins the us title back or they move him on to another belt because Rey is never gonna win with Vega saving Andrade in every single match he’s about to loose

  2. Damn wwe why does it gotta be a ladder match so much risk on that match ,you guys shouldn’t have done that

  3. He only won because she interfered AGAIN we need championship matchs with her (zelina) banned from ringside and let Andrade win on his own

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