Andrea Lee Accuses Judge in UFC 247 for Not Doing his Job

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Saturday’s UFC 247 event was a controversial one, with audience members, commentators and social media fans baffled by the way the judges scored many of the fights.

Andrea Lee lost to Lauren Murphy on UFC 247 via split decision, she had one judge scoring the bout 29-28 for her, while two scored it 29-28 and 30-27 for Murphy.

Andrea Lee after learning of Joe Rogan and Dominick Cruz comments how one of the judges didn’t pay attention as he was on his phone while the women were fighting.

As Joe says — “We’re looking at a judge that’s not even watching the fight…This is insane,”

Cruz says — “The judges just don’t even watch…They are looking down at the floor. Insane! It’s going to be tough for the fighters tonight to figure out how to win a decision.”

After several more minutes Rogan again mentioned “This is crazy. He’s still not watching the fight!”

Andrea Lee wants the judge to be fired for not doing his job — “If anyone has video or pictures of the judge who was on his phone during the fights, please send them to me. I just think that judge should be fired, he should never have the opportunity to sit cage side and judge fights ever again, especially when there are plenty other judges who were better qualified and more deserving.”

We all get it, while at work some people have emergency and have to be on the phone or a sudden emergency message throws them off. Unfortunately the job requires to pay attention while the fight is going on for the fairness for both fighters and viewers. Let us see how this ends up.

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