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CELTICS at PACERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | March 10, 2020 The Boston Celtics defeated the Indiana Pacers, 114-111, officially clinching a spot in the …

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This NBA’s video is titled CELTICS at PACERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | March 10, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:46, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Hopefully Kemba starts playing better. He’s been very bad since his return from injury. Man we almost chocked this game away once again. Celtics been playing good sharing the ball for first 3 quarters. Once the 4th starts we been playing to much trash iso ball. Our coach just stands by and watches the Celtics implode. Thank goodness we won. I would have been super triggered if we lost another game we had no business losing. It’s been a tuff stretch as of late.

  2. Update:
    LeBron James has surpassed tatum for the second best player in the NBA
    Tatum in now the 3rd best
    Still, the showdown will go down in the Eastern conference finals when Tatum and Giannis face off head to head for the best player in the east

  3. You have to get that ball to Olidipo or Sebonis, at the end. Cannot airball a three. Celtics need to stop blowing double digit 4th quarter leads.

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  5. Another game where we had control and almost gave it away. I know Indiana a good team and I don't want to discredit them. Basketball is a game of runs but I feel like theres something missing from Celtics as they try and close out games down the stretch. idk man.. looks to me like they're not frontrunners and are at their best when they're the ones trying to comeback from a deficit..but yeah I'm not saying these games aren't great for NBA fans but for my old heart no no no.
    Go Celtics???

  6. I think the Celtics will have issues in the playoffs when teams start playing really tight defense. They rely on isolation too much. A lot of standing around watching one man try to get his own shot. Just my opinion.

  7. The celtics need to close teams out. They're always up by double digits and their games always end very close.

  8. Celtics have to stop blowing leads if they want to have a deep playoff run. Low key if they are fully healthy and play with cohesion I think they can make it out the east.

    Come on kemba I need another historic run like your UConn days!

  9. Marcus smart is one of the best passers in the conference. Seriously if you disagree look for a video of his passing highlights

  10. IF the celtics want to actually win a title, brad Stevens ain’t it. I’m sorry. I like the guy. But he ain’t it if that’s the end game. It’s going to get to the point where it ain’t about having our young guys develop. They gonna be developed and that’s when a change is going to have to be made

  11. It would be an amazing year if the Celtics can upset the Bucks and Lakers. Celtics handing LeBron his 7th L would be satisfying.

  12. We need Reggie Miller or Detlef Shremf for coach or Jackson, Tinsley both Davis boys or Sam Perkins…

  13. Thies is the unsung hero on the Celtics. Does everything well. Screens, transitions, get buckets, the roll, defence. Very niceeeee

  14. Wanted the pacers to win because it's funny to see the Celtics lose as they get overhyped. Almost. Celtics love giving away leads against sub par competition. What should've been an easy win became a grind. This won't slide against contenders

  15. These Celtics have to have the mentality "Hey we're up by 20 but lets beat them by 50". This is how the NBA teams of the 80's were.

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  17. why does celtics nowadays always keep losing it by the last minutes, welp just glad they won this one

  18. I can’t believe covid ruined this NBA season. It was the first time I really followed the Celtics. In the past, I would check on their record and watch the playoff games. This season I watched highlights of every game since December. I love this Celtics team. So fun to watch. F*** covid. Hope it goes away soon.

  19. Didn’t think as a Celtics fan that this would be the last time I watched them for months.

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