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KNICKS at WIZARDS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | March 10, 2020 The Washington Wizards defeated the New York Knicks, 122-115. Bradley Beal led the way …

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This NBA’s video is titled KNICKS at WIZARDS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | March 10, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:33, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Frank Ntilikina: Has an excellent shooting night and gets his entire team involved
    Mike Miller: Plays Elfrid Payton who’s playing miserable until the game is unsalvageable

    I don’t fucking get it. Please get Atkinson

  2. Frank balled out – give him 2 more years and he’s gonna be ridiculous on both ends of the floor. Next to RJ in his 3rd yr smh that backcourt will go crazy

  3. Let the kids play Mike Miller . i hopeing they let u go ? you at end of season .ask me now u done all u can do or want to do.or told what to do Mike. They playn better then fiz was here . they playd like it .jus wen hey wantd to. Play. I brong mote structure sustem like to the guys. But nothing u can do.were Leon Rose @ ?

  4. I thought we're going to lose again. Great game by Bradley Beal especially in the 3rd quarter. It's also nice to see Rui dunking many times after being held scoreless in two consecutive games.

  5. Once again lost due too that lame ass defense!!!! Steve knew wtf he was talking about on the low…something has to done on both the players and coaching level!!! F*ck..enough is enough with this shit!!

  6. As a wizard fan I got to say Knick are stupid for taking out their best defensive guard at a time of need specially when he had a hot hand. I’ve been watching frank-k and I eluded Ike him with my wizards next to Beal until J-Wall comes back

  7. Frank 21,mitch 21,knox 20, Rj barret 19 that looks like a decent young core. Knicks just need the right coach to develop them in 2-3 years should be a solid team

  8. people aren't noticing something is not right with Reggie Bullock he never smiles never moves much never seems to have a lot of fun at this time and he is even playing pretty silent you guys are not noticing but I think something is not right with Reggie

  9. Another game up 20 nd collapsing. This is insane. I dont think all year I've seen this team put together a 48 minute effort. Its either get a huge 1q or ht lead nd lose it in the 1st 6mins of the 3q nd lose the game or get dwn big to start the game nd claw back into the game to finish with a close loss. Unbelieveable!. The knicks could be up by 50 nd find a way to make it interesting or lose the game. No lead is ever safe with this team

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