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Sporati @ WWE’s Social Media update

And NEEEEEWWWWW!!! #SmackDown @wwebige @thetruekofi @xavierwoodsphd

WWE’s Instagram post information

WWE’s social media post titled And NEEEEEWWWWW!!! … is credited to WWE on instagram account wwe and currently has 208401 likes as of posting.

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  1. ?Ahhhhhh wweUniverse DoNt YoU DaRe bE sOUr KlAP FoR YoUR 8 TiME ChAMpS AnD FEeL ThE PowWWWwwwwwwER! ?

  2. Go to Kingston big E Xavier woods I love you you are the funniest and I can’t wait to see you again of the whole people or the new day “the kinks and then

  3. I wanted Miz and Morrison to retain, or the Usos to win. The new day is a stupid little kids entertainment group, even big show thought the whole pancake thing is stupid AF.

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