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King @baroncorbinwwe gets his revenge on @iameliaswwe! #SmackDown

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  1. Didn’t Corbin throw Elias off of a platform like 15ft off the ground? Seems like this snooze fest should have ended at Mania.

  2. Elias has a great attire, a great physique and good mic skills. Hope wwe won’t spoil this talent as they usually does.

  3. I hate King Corbin, he isn’t even a king he is a fool and he is a joker that should be put down, why don’t we let the dog put him down!

  4. Do you have a rivalry that you think should go on for much longer than intended? Call 1-800-CORBIN, best known for his dog food shower and getting mad at someone for singing an unflattering song about him.

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