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@bryanldanielson is going to #MITB!! #SmackDown

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  1. Cesare needs to leave wwe, and go elsewhere..wwe only loves boring reigns, brat rolling,annoying wyatt,new day,

  2. Drew Gulak & Daniel Bryan would make a good Tag Team same as Cedric Alexander & Ricochet

  3. I remember at a time where Cesaro was becoming one of the most recognizable talents during his days with the Real Americans. Where he pinned Randy Orton at the time he was champion in 2014. Where he became the first winner of the Andre The Giant Battle Royal match. How he was tag team champion with Tyson Kidd. How he and Sheamus beat New Day to end their long title reign. And how he was putting on 4-5 star matches each time he was facing someone. THAT IS THE CESARO WE NEED. To me, he is the most underrated talent that they have on the roster. He has so much potential, so much promise to hopefully become a world champion one day. We need the Cesaro Section back on the main shows, we need the Cesaro Section back on PPVs. WE NEED THE CESARO SECTION TO HELP CESARO, PERIOD @tripleh @stephaniemcmahon you wanna talk about a new era? BOOK YOUR TALENT CORRECTLY, LISTEN TO YOUR FANS AND DO YOUR JOB TO MAKE THIS COMPANY RELEVANT!!! #WWE #CesaroSection #PushCesaro @cesarosection

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