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UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman (17-1) successfully defended his belt for the second time by defeating Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision in …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 251: Kamaru Usman Post-fight Interview and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:03:51, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Masvidal holds Diaz up against the Cage and beat him up on ground
    Casuals WOW Masvidal is Awesome
    Stipe holds Ngannou up against the Cage and beat him up on ground
    Casuals WOW Stipe is Awesome
    Khabib holds everyone up against the Cage and beat them up on ground
    Casuals WOW Khabib is Awesome
    Usman holds Masvidal up against the Cage and beat him up on ground
    Casuals BOO! Usman Boring

  2. When Gsp does it he is the greatest fight of all time, when Usman does it he is boring fighter. What kind of dubbel standaard is that ?

  3. I love seeing the salty comments about his victory ?? he didn't even have to knock your hero masvidal out to win, I can't believe masvidal would allow another man to beat him just by stomping on his feet and breaking his ribs…… Fair play to Jorge tho

  4. I really like Masvidal but guys who are always complaining that Usman is boring should watch boxing.. seroiusly, this is MMA

    I want to see the best fighters of the world, not the most entertaining ones

  5. Usman fought like pussy with hugs and footstomps. His strategy wasn't to harm Masvidal as much as it was to contain Masvidal and avoid the risk of being hit. Boring fighter, but we all know what the outcome would have been had he taken the same approach with Masvidal as he did against Covington. Usman trained for this fight on dance dance revolution.

  6. Oh and for the record, Colby Covington beats Masvidal 24/7. Elite wrestlers usually have the edge over strikers. Usman is the champ but Colby imo is still the 2nd best welterweight in the world.

  7. THOSE WHO SAY, the DELUSIONAL casuals and fan boys, "Usman does not ground and pound his opponents like Khabib." Here is the EVIDENCE. Usman WINS via ground and pound; David Glover: lost in round 1 by TKO(punches); Rashid Abdullah: lost in round 1 time 3:49 by TKO(punches);  Steven Rodriquez: round 1, time 1:31 by TKO(punches); Lenny Lovoto: round 3 time 1:04 by TKO(punches); Rafael Dos Anjos: unanimous decision, bloodied due to damage on the ground and pound; Emile Meek: unanimous decision, bloodied due to damage on the ground and pound.

  8. The comment section is so funny bro???but, seriously Usman fight is boring because it's hard to see. Just like GSP's style back in the day. So, props to Usman for fighting a very good fight.

  9. As a masvidal fan i respect usman, he knew he couldn’t stand with masvidal so he did what masvidal lacks skill of which is wrestling. Smart fight by usman.

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