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Hear Jorge Masvidal’s perspective on his main event matchup with Kamaru Usman at UFC 251 during his post-fight press conference comments. Subscribe to …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 251: Jorge Masvidal Post-fight Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:10:46, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Usman is better period this what happens when you get to cocky down the ladder dude work your way back up

  2. At this point: Jorge Masvidal post fight press conference: 2.8m views Kamaru usman: 423k views Lol

  3. Bro this shit has over 2 million views while usmans has around half a mil that’s insane respect to both fighters

  4. Waiter – HI sir, what you'd wish?
    Usman – I'd like you to do sum toeffu for me.
    Waiter – Ohh you mean toffu??
    Usman – No I really mean toeffu..

  5. i just rewatched the fight and i honestly gotta say , if usman is smart , then he better stay away from masvidal in the future. when they were standing and striking , masvidal had the clear edge. masvidal was landing his punches , he was landing hard leg kicks and he landed a bunch of solid body kicks. when they were up against the fence , usman had the strength advantage and literally just pushed masvidal against the fence and held him there. on the ground , i gotta say , masvidal was better and more active even though usman had top position. usman tried some ground and pound as was basically neutralized in almost every attempt to land anything. literally all usman had in this fight were his foot stomps shoulder thrusts and right hand body punches. with a proper training camp , i think masvidal will win by ko/tko or unanimous decision. most likely by ko/tko.

  6. This why we all love and respect him and not snooze fest Marty he could of pulled the 30% but he didn’t he took it on chin Marty take notes

  7. So satisfying to hear a cocky wannabe thug like Jorge act all humbled. Go back to fighting coked out working class dudes in the slums, bud

  8. And that’s how a champion takes a loss. You can be a trash talker, and still be genuine in defeat. Take note McGregor.

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