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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 251: Post-fight Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 01:14:24, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Imagine being volkanovski and actually thinking you won that, what a crazy guy. Clearly knew he lost from start to finish and expected nothing, mentioned no specifics of tactics.

  2. They need to stop Bisping screaming. It's the Joe Rogan effect, you think someone has landed a big shot and then you watch the replay and the shit missed or someone just fell over.

  3. I think we should have the judges interview after the fights to justify their decisions on every fight. It would put pressure to make better decisions or make us as fans and fighters understand their thought process on their decisions.

  4. Usman is completely right. You don’t train for months just to get in the cage and let yourself get punched in the face for 5 rounds. These are high level mixed martial artists. It isn’t a bar fight. Usman went in there with a good strategy and dominated.

  5. I might hurt some feelings here but rewatch the 3rd round between Max and Alex. It’s much closer than you think. Max edged him on striking but Alex had more significant blows. Also; Masvidal definitely won the first round – way more strikes, even from the bottom. Take downs shouldn’t mean much if you’re not advancing position, especially when you’re getting hit more. You do have to give Usman props though, he did what he needed to do, yeah it was a little dull but I’m not a wrestler, I’m sure if I was I would’ve been more entertained. If you’re fighting Masvidal on 6 days notice and you don’t play it safe, you will lose. Usman fought smart! Also; Yan is a BEAST, humble as hell, knows who the better competition is and is a straight up murderer. Can’t wait to see him fight Aljo! That’s going to be a massive fight!

  6. "No Mercy" Yan almost murders Aldo, Max got robbed by the judges, and Usman magnetized to masvidal's crotch. Not the best night ever!

  7. To be fair, Max is one of the best to have ever done it, it's understandable that there are fans and even judges that don't understand what they saw from him.

  8. Won’t be going out of my way to watch Usman fight again. What a joke with the holding and foot stomping and going up against an unprepared opponent. Where is the pride & heart. He’s not the best of all time and never will be mentioned in this conversation because he doesn’t entertain. So GSP won’t come out of retirement for this guy. Now I know why. Learn to finish

  9. Love Masvidal.. I really hope he holds the belt before it’s all over… but Kamaru is the DEFINITION of champion… his style may be boring but he’s physically dominate and mentally a savage..

    Love watching two guys that put it all on the line.. with that said… stand em up! I wasn’t to see Jorge’s hands!

  10. Chapter aint closed.. if max deserved a second shot after first loss then he definitley deserves a 3rd after that robbery. Fuck the judges and score system of the UFC.

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