Watch NBA CELTICS at 76ERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | August 21, 2020

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CELTICS at 76ERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | August 21, 2020 Led by Kemba Walker’s 24 PTS, 8 REB and 4 AST, the Boston Celtics defeated the …

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This NBA’s video is titled CELTICS at 76ERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | August 21, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:41, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. They miss Big Ben, bottom line. And Brown's time is finally up. 2 years too late but Joel is a beast, hands down. Him and Ben with a new coach and whatever they do with Horford, I'm good with. I keep Tobias though unless the trade is sneaky good, which I doubt.

  2. Good I'm so fucken happy these perpetual losers lost the fucking game and probly the series…fuck Philly Loser motherfuckers ruined the NBA publicly tanking and this is the best they can do after fucking up the balance of the league because of the draft changes We had to enable the stop this dumpster fire of a franchise from tanking for the next decade now bad teams stay bad because of the change funk philly for life im so happy this is were the PROCESS lead fucking LOSERS I LOVE IT

  3. Give TACKO Fall some minutes at the end of periods
    He can make difference,but not while sitting on the bench!! Wake up Stevens you ain't in Kansas no more! TACKO TIME!!

  4. Embiid represents everything i h8 about the nba. Guy is talented gets his numbers but has zero impact on winning in any meaningful gm. Don't tell me there's no talent on his team.

  5. 76ers are a team full of guys who dont want to be there. Embiid looks like he's mentally and emotionally absent. I think he should leave when contract is up. Just a matter of which team would want him and if they would be a proper fit.

  6. I cant believe people are actually watching this? now I realize why they play the games…….for the people. This sucks. True sports nuts with no lives are the only ones watching this lolol

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