Watch WWE Mr. McMahon comes face-to-face with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt: SmackDown, August 21, 2020

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The Fiend” Bray Wyatt interrupts Mr. McMahon’s introduction of WWE ThunderDome and lures Braun Strowman into the ring. Catch WWE action on WWE …

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This WWE’s video is titled Mr. McMahon comes face-to-face with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt: SmackDown, August 21, 2020 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:03:11, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. I miss the Old Vince that man would crush that fat blob mask wearing flak in a second then broken glass music would engulf the ring and Vince would piss himself. The Fiend is a byproduct of the pg era because he scares the kids who watch this program now. The character will always be trash.

  2. Hahaha i need to said this, vince is a incredible business man, because the screen in the background look good and make a new different not matter what are happening whit this coronavirus

  3. Vince, induct Keiji "The Great Muta" Mutoh into the HoF next year and have Great Muta wrestle The Fiend at WM. It's time Mutoh gets inducted. (Seriously, if Lyger is inducted, why not Mutoh?)

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  5. Speaking of oldberg the reason behind fiend losing is Vince thought it would be a better draw for oldberg vs reigns. Kayfabe I think the fiend let him win as an "I forgive you" memento. Who beat oldberg? Stroman? Who beat stroman? Fiend. Who beat brock on 2 separate occasions? Seth. Who beat seth making it look easy? Fiend!

  6. Fiend : be afraid of me you old man vince!!!???
    Vince : why would I i created you out of dust???
    Fiend : ????

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