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TRAIL BLAZERS at LAKERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | August 20, 2020 The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Portland Trail Blazers, 111-88, evening the …

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This NBA’s video is titled TRAIL BLAZERS at LAKERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | August 20, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:35, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


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  2. Portland understand this is just the beginning of this playoffs series it's not going to be easy both teams are going to go at it. To be the best you hath to go up against the best player in the world Lebron James Lakers vs Damian Lillian Portland Trail blazers.

  3. Bro I hate supporting Portland they need a new coach new play style new everything I swear to god they can’t play defense or take advantage of rebounds I quit watching this team until things change fuck you Scott

  4. damn. everytime i see lillard and lillard jr. dribbling like theres no tomorrow or throwing kamikaze shots from the parking lot pisses me off… its like their strategy to win the series is:
    let lillard and lillard jr. cross the halfcourt and bombs away. YOLO shots.
    the warriors at least sets up curry or klay before the shots. but damn. these blazer guards are just….

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  6. THE NBA SUPPORTS THE RIOTS AND LOOTING. THEY NEED TO PAY FOR THE BUSINESSES THEY DESTROYED. Screenshot this seems all comments are from one week ago. ???

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