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We count down the top UFC trilogies that occurred all underneath the UFC banner. Quite a few UFC Hall of Famers and legends of the sport make an …

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This UFC’s video is titled Top UFC Trilogies and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:16:24, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. The Liddell v Couture battles are what got me into fighting in the first place. Both fantastic champs

  2. "It was 2 years ago, that these UFC warriors, faced each other in the octagon. Now it's time to go to war, again ."

  3. Wish the UFC used Frank Mir as an announcer. He was so good at breaking down all the technicality of the grappling as it was happening.

  4. ??mar?k ve kibirli amerikal?n?n kazanmas?na uyuz oldum(4) .ama bu adam için dedim hepsini asla kastetmem çünkü saçmalam?? olurum. 2 numaradaki iki adamada ?övalye ünvan? verilmeli böyle güzel maç hayat?mda görmedim .ikisininde al?nlar?ndan öperim .onlar? burdan sonsuza kadar karde? ilan ediyorum .

  5. That last Edgar maynard fight, i feel like the ref let edgar get rocked way more without stopping it, kinda bullshit stoppage imho…

  6. Lets be real here. Maynard and Edgar should be number one , but Couture Vs Liddell get the spot by default just because they're the bigger names and they're was more hype generated for Liddell vs Couture because of The Ultimate Fighter show.

  7. A lot of people aren't aware of the other 2 most powerful infinity stones…. Frankie Edgar's big fuckin balls

  8. Look up matt hughes why he alluva sudden dissapeared… Used to root against him but guy deserves all the best now no doubt…crazy what happened. He didnt retire…

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