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Daniel Cormier trains in the swimming pool, practices his golf swing and watches UFC with his family. Sean O’Malley works hard and games hard. Heavyweight …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 252 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1 and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:09:43, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. i hope he try to stand up with stipe
    dc said hes gonna use his wrastling lmao
    this nigga didnt use one ounce of his wrastling when he fought jones
    if he did that he woulda beat jones but no he wanna try play a KO game with the fucking COKE

  2. O'Malley's copying everything from what to say, how to act and the hair. As long as it has been proven to get views Sean's on it, soon you'll se him stuck in a washing machine getting 10" dicks stuffed in his a hole… for the views man.

  3. 2mins in and im 100% dc is going to loose…….. Did he even watch the fight wher he got knocked out did no wrestlering it actually wasnt competitive if you watch mitotic other fights …. Dc ffs that man eat shots like fruit loops with no defence and got droped……what a . Plumb and to top it off hes scared of his own pool ffs too rich pussy! Slick pajama bitch

  4. UFC is pushing O'Malley harder than White Boy Rick pushed them bricks.
    Dudes not even ranked and hes getting more screen time than the heavyweight champ, and a co-main event slot.

  5. DC still barely used his wrestling. Why? Are wrestlers ashamed of their wrestling or smth. So many of them are so desperate to prove their striking skills. It seems like just an ego thing to me. Just stick to the fking plan

  6. O’Malley is clearly a strong fighter but he needs to stop with the streaming/gaming life. He needs to stay strictly single minded on his progression and technique. Any time away from that, putting up a little backdrop to stream himself playing games isn’t going to help.

  7. Oh well.. if this isn't a lesson in life, huh? Sean O'Malley dreaming about being the A-List celebrity fighter and a few days later gets his foot broken (afaik) and is out without ever having a chance to show off all his training. DC dreaming of the big finale to crown his career. Gets shut down too and who knows if he'll even be able to see again.. could end up with a loss AND a disability. Stipe who was always portrayed as the victim of eye pokes now has a win that was probably deserved to his opponent fighting without depth perception for half the fight..

    It just shows you that all the hard work, determination and dreams aren't shit compared to the randomness of life. You can try to influence the path your life is taking, but don't be surprised when it shits all over your effort and your plans. I find comfort in this. When it happens to the elite specimens amongst humans, then we all don't need to feel so bad for our own disasters, failures and setbacks. Helps letting go of unrealistic expectations.

  8. Tim Welch, stop using those shitty hand mitts for kick practice. Your boy picked up a nasty habit of kicking with his feet because of it and it showed! Get some proper Thai pads.

  9. Hey Omalley I traveled from the future. Anyway I have bad news for you you break your foot in the fight and you should get an asterisk L. Haters are talkin crap cuz there not undefeated and that classless fighter chito actually celebrates even though he doesn’t defeat you. (Bums be Hating). Sorry for your foot.

  10. DC is a great champ, commentator and nothing but respect for the man BUT there is no way he practiced that golf swing. If DC plays in tournaments, I suggest he do the same as I do. When asked what my golf handicap is, I say severe.

    Golf is an amazing game, I am still no good at it.

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