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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 252: Post-fight Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:49:07, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Respect to Cormier, he's done a tremendous job given his physical limitation of being shorter than most guys he's fought. Holding 2 belts at once is crazy-insane.

    Stipe is a beast though. I'm happy he won.

  2. Is it just me or does Stipe actually sound better after the fight?? Lol he is speaking much more clearly and I dont need subtitles for everything he says, just a few things haha. Good to see him so happy and laid back too, totally different Stipe from the usual seriousness

  3. I love Stipe and i'm go glad he beat that idiot DC but i hope he doesn't fight Jon Jones. Jones will destroy Stipe if i'm honest. Not even a close fight. Stipe does better against slower paced fighters. Jones is a full on non stop technical Jedi!

  4. CORMIER'S should be fighting Tank Abbot, his age and twinkies did him in. Heavyweight division is so overated – guts like Crocop- Fedor- Aronofsky would crush these guys

  5. Stipe just gets more likable in every interview I see him in. What a GOAT. His daughter will have to suffer with all those dad jokes though lol.

  6. >And that eyepoke he gave you in the first round, how did that compare to the other pokes he gave you in the previous fights
    Lmfao Schmo is the best.

  7. Although I’m a DC fan and I wanted DC to win so bad, I have to give it to Stipe. Eye Poke or not, I believe Stipe is actually better than DC. Well done champ. Well deserved.

  8. they both got poked, DC did it first…so why make excuses geeshh, please DC dont be like Wilder with excuses.

  9. So no one is going to mention stipe's granite chin?? Man he took a lot of dc's rights and didn't even flinch.

  10. Marlon Vera's elbow was sweet and Sugar should have known how to defend on the ground. I was in a fight (long ago) once at school, and I was on top, but I was causing little damage with fists. Oh my gosh. Fighting even for fans has evolved. Didn't think to hit the guy (who sucker punched me) with an elbow

  11. Any person ever: "Hey Stipe, what do you think about this?"

    Stipe: wellyouknowogicukviouzdi6tuzcvliugv ukhvjbezihjkgbild bkitlb fotcinmobvx

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