Watch NBA Best Of Lakers Vs. Nuggets Season Series!

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Ahead of Western Conference Finals Game 1 TONIGHT at 9:00 pm/et on TNT, relive the BEST of the Lakers vs. Nuggets season series! Subscribe to the NBA: …

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This NBA’s video is titled Best Of Lakers Vs. Nuggets Season Series! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:11:07, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


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  3. The referees are going to be a factor in this series for the referees favours LeBron all the time in the NBA!
    It’s almost like nba is rigged now! Mark my words!

  4. Congratulations Lebron fake rings! You got the heck of a team you always wanted, you got lucky to skip the clippers and now you’re on your way to the finals, I hope the universe doesn’t let you win another ring again, pussy

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