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LAKERS at NUGGETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | September 24, 2020 The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Denver Nuggets, 114-108, to take a 3-1 series …

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This NBA’s video is titled LAKERS at NUGGETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | September 24, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:57, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Win or go home for nuggets but even if they lose everyone should respect what they've done in this playoff bubble to get to this point!! No team has comeback from a 3-1 deficit twice and this young squad with Murray leading the charge is going to have a bright future and if they get Bol Bol going down low which they should be doing against this tall lanky Lakers team they will be even better which is scary because they are this good without having size!! I don't understand how coach Malone won't use Bol Bol in this series 7'2" with a 7'9" wingspan I mean wtf and the kid can shoot its really stupid i mean if u wanna win u need more size its not brain surgery get him in this damn game tonight plus u need more rebounds for the love of god and why is no one else saying this either?

  2. Can someone explain how the nuggets aren’t a tier one team in 2k? Literally would bust a nut for a nugget update on stats

  3. I must admit Michael porter jr reminds me of dion waiters because they both have confidence in themselves and you can see it. And they can ball.

  4. Nobody noticed JR smith was out this whole time thats how solid of a team the lakers are. I can only imagine what there going to do now. The whole great thing bout it is that everyone playing great its not only a lebron and AD show like people thought it was going to be

  5. Clay Travis wants to know IF Mark Cuban, (the one who had women sexually molested in the Mavs organization), if he knows the difference between democracy and communism…"

  6. Crown ? the Lakers bron gets a triple double shit is over …y’all bandwagon nuggets fan we can get y’all for 99.cents at burger ? king lol.. y’all will do anything to hate on greatness

  7. Covid 19 Championship no one cares the season is write off Period. No one going respect 2020 championship sorry Lakers. Basketball needs fans because home court advantage is so important . And those teams that where top seeds played so hard for home court advantage and that went out the window with no fans. Cancel season its All BS bull BS bull trash ?????

  8. came back here to read comments on how "the nuggets put the lakers where they want them to be" "comeback kids will win the series" "nuggets in 7" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ?

  9. Refs ruined it. Game 5 was hard to watch. They literally gave jokic three personal fouls out the jump and you could tell it was calculated ????

  10. Every one else whos watchin like:??
    Me whos watching this for distance learning and doesnt know squat about basketball:

  11. made updated shoes for Jamal Murray, Jason Tatum, LeBron, AD, Kyle Kuzma, Jimmy Butler on NBA2K, let me know which player should I make next

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