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Join the conversation! Tune-in now to follow tonight’s TNT live scoreboard. #NBAPlayoffs #WholeNewGame @Lakers/@nuggets, WCF Game 3 Music by …

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This NBA’s video is titled Lakers @ Nuggets | NBA on TNT Live Scoreboard | #WholeNewGame and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 02:35:04, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


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  3. its hilarious the lakers are complaining about officiating that lebron is not getting enough free throws. Nuggets should also complain why lebron is not being called for offensive fouls, using his shoulders and forearm.
    Officiating has been one sided in their favor since the rockets series and they still got the guts to complain. LOL
    I have great respect for lebron's game but respects only 1(against the spurs) of his current 3 rings.

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