Watch NBA Lakers Take 2-0 Series Lead Off AD's Game-Winning Triple?

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Anthony Davis puts Lakers up 2-0! Relive how this FANTASTIC FINISH went down! Game 3: Tuesday, 9pm/et, TNT 31 points, 9 rebounds 22 second-half …

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This NBA’s video is titled Lakers Take 2-0 Series Lead Off AD's Game-Winning Triple? and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:08, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


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  2. AD hits the game winning shot and all are celebrating..

    Rondo: the job ain't finish, just walk.. lol.. black mamba mentality

  3. I take it AD is the closer in this team. The “chosen” one takes no initiative in wanting the ball when its game time… GOAT my ass.

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