Watch NBA LeBron's Stellar Triple-Double Lifts Lakers to NBA Finals!

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LeBron James is headed to his 10th NBA Finals in the last 11 years thanks to an incredible Game 5 performance that included 38 PTS, 16 REB and 10 AST!

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This NBA’s video is titled LeBron's Stellar Triple-Double Lifts Lakers to NBA Finals! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:58, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. A gentleman sweep ladies and gentlemen. Salute to nuggets, a very promising team. Lakers now on the promise land

  2. Fuck every scout and executive that didn't even give a vote in the offseason survey to Lebron for best player, and fuck every scout/exec that didn't give the Lakers a vote to not even make the finals.

  3. The NBA sucks! They are "useful idiots" for communist causes. The NBA evangelizes BLM, which is a Marxist front hellbent on the overthrow of the USA:
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  4. Back in high school he had crazy hype,probably too much pressure to handle and still he became even greater than what the hype said

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