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NUGGETS at LAKERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | September 26, 2020 Led by LeBron James’ 38 PTS, 16 REB and 10 AST, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated …

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This NBA’s video is titled NUGGETS at LAKERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | September 26, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:49, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. The referees really have ruined the game of basketball. 9:21 is a travel! All day. Lebron and sooooo many nba players continuously travel, after travel, after travel. There are advantages to the offense when you're allowed to travel like this instance at 9:21. Lebron was able to reset his feet after establishing a pivot foot. Much much more difficult shot with his original pivot foot established. & even if he did, it would've taken more time to establish good footing that defense would've caught up.

    The referees have tainted the game, basketball is losing its integrity. You never used to see jordan or kobe travel. & that's because they had impeccable footwork, knew how and what was legal, and BELIEVED that if they did travel they would get called for it. Refs won't call a travel on Lebron nowadays even when its clear as day. Massive disgrace to the game.
    Basketball Fan

  2. My grandpa called me earlier today to tell me about the game since I missed it. What hit me the most was that he added the scores from both teams 117+107=224 and let out a few tears. Hopefully LA takes it all this year for Kobe

  3. As a Lakers fan this officiating has been horrible for both teams more so for the Nuggets than Lakers. There were some very questionable calls on fouls. No wonder both teams complaint. That being said, mad respect for Denver you missing a piece to challenge for a trophy. Let's go Lakers let's do it for Kobe#8 #24 Mamba mentally!!!

  4. Nba basketball is a joke now……..stupid actually. To put that on the floor like they dont make millions to play a sport. Black lives seem pretty significant…….how about just play ball without politics

  5. Reality: America is the entertainment capital of the world., Lakers will win this season just to add the drama for Kobe's death.,
    Basis: all of a sudden Canadian boy got injured and still play and makes some move that he forgot he's drama script., (if you were his coach will you let him play even he looks terrible?)its really a shame for him that most of his team still give a good fight., Referee locked down the serbian boy but still his team give a good fight., sad truth!
    Stay Tuned: Who will be injured in EAST? or Who will throw the game? more of let the referee decide the game… #goodlucktoteameast #aLLiNToLaKeRS

  6. When Lebron arrived in Lakers i really did not believe in his talent,as a Laker fan,Kobe bryant is the best player I ever witnessed(since he also spend his entire career in Lakers),but watching game 5 on how he close the game and making sure Denver cannot have another 3-1 deficit comeback,he is truly the one of the G.O.A.T in the NBA,i wish Lakers can find a great successor when he retires,(Kyle Kuzma maybe?..) or AD in his fullest potential

  7. Lebron was a machine and the lakers just rolled the entire western confrence. Dont be suprised laker fans if it happens again lebron is the goat and he will carry them to another chip lets go laker nation all the way.

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