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The Los Angeles Lakers are the 2020 NBA Champions! Watch their championship celebration here! Subscribe to the NBA: Full …

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This NBA’s video is titled Los Angeles Lakers NBA Championship Celebration and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:16:19, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Weeeek year to get a ring. Looks cheap. Even more so then the lockout year spurs won. 1sr time I’ve seen a championship look like an 11th place ribbon. Everything about it appears false. Ratings are in the toilet it’s not important anymore.

  2. Congratulations to The Lakers going through adversity and the death of Kobe bryant to win this historic Championship.. A great team that I always was a fan and Supporter of Since the Kobe and Shaq days…

  3. LBJ has the luxury to choose who will be his teammates…No other players in NBA history have such luxury to choose…AD has to changed team just to get a ring.

  4. This team lakers nba champion this year 2020 pandemic time in the world ? this is dedicated to kobe Bryant promise by LeBron James to win this nba champion..god bless you broth team what a great game… thank you lord Jesus Christ for successfull end of 2020 nba season.

  5. “LeBron James is washed”

    “LeBron James went to LA for the movies”

    “LeBron James would never survive in the West”

    “LeBron James isn’t a winner”

    “LeBron James will never make another Finals”

    “LeBron James will never win another championship”

    “They missed out on Ty Lue”

    “Frank Vogel won’t last the season”

    “Jason Kidd will end up coaching this team”

    “The Blazers will upset the Lakers”

    “The Rockets will out shoot the Lakers”

    “The Nuggets in 7”

    “LeBron James and Rajon Rondo can’t coexist”

    “They gave up too much for Anthony Davis”

    “LeBron James isn’t a closer”

    “LeBron James isn’t s champion”

    “The Lakers got the worse Morris brother”

    “The Clippers are the best team in LA”

    “The Clippers have two LeBron stoppers”

    “The Lakers have ‘has beens’ defensively”

    “Kawhi is the King of LA”

    “LeBron James will be injured again”

    “Anthony Davis will be injured again”

    “It’s Derrick Rose’s league”

    “It’s Steph Curry’s league”

    “It’s Kevin Durant’s league”

    “It’s Kawhi Leonard’s league”

    “It’s Giannis’ league”

    “LeBron James doesn’t defend”

    “LeBron James can’t defend anymore”

    “LeBron James will never be a Laker great”

    “LeBron James needs to win for Kobe”

    “I don’t want LeBron James in LA”

    “LeBron should have shot the ball”

    “LeBron James is slowing down”

    “The Lakers should trade LeBron James”

    He heard it all.

    Now, a champion for 3 different teams, a Finals MVP for 3 different franchises.

    He can handle the hate, but people can’t handle him being great.

    There comes a point where you need to realize this is probably the greatest individual player we have ever seen.

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