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Former UFC bantamweight champion talks with Brendan Fitzgerald about winning the title at UFC 193 in Australia against Ronda Rousey, how her life changed …

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This UFC’s video is titled Holly Holm on Winning and Losing Her Belt and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:03:57, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. She's basically female Wonderboy Thompson (Wonder Girl Holm). A top tier striker who's still relevant at the top of the heap. But unable to obtain/retain UFC gold. It's honestly sad because if anyone deserves it, she does.

  2. Holly was on a roll, then celebrity hit. Anyone that's seen her social media will note her ego blasted off. Just like all the others. She left h7e husband and blanketed her social media with selfies or herself doing duck face and trying to look sexy. She totally changed. Same happened to Tyson, on and on. When you're less focused on what brought you to the dance you it's a wrap. She'll never win the title again, she will however keep bombarding Instagram with her shameless twerking and semi nudes.

  3. I mean I know she SAYS she doesn't care, but I really think Holly shoulda retired like 3-4 years ago and she's gonna regret not having stopped to have a family when she's reflecting on her career 10 years from now

  4. I hope she does get her title back so she can retire on top. But it wont be against Nunes, or schevchenko, they're just to good, anyone else holly can beat easily.

  5. I was probably one of a few in the world that thought Holm had a good chance to beat Honda. Now everyone knows what I was talking about when I said Honda's boxing is trash.

  6. I don't think if these girls can beat Nunez or shevchenko unless a new face comes along otherwise I don't see if Holm or mishe Tate can ever be champ in this division

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