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This NFL’s video is titled Best of September Mic'd UP! | NFL 2020 Season and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:28:38, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Fletcher Cox and Jared Goff social distance before the game but in the game they’re all next to each other ??????????

  2. For a sport involving grown men throwing themselves at other grown men they have some nice interactions in between plays

  3. 11:45 "Every play counts, and this ** game counts twice because its in the division and we on the road "- umm Chief's thats not exactly how math works

  4. Football has the best energy out of any sport. The love and connection and the determination to be the best. That’s what I love about football.

  5. It's like Rivers is a real life troll. He ain't really a football player. Who let him in the stadium?

    (Also the only player worth micing up.)

  6. Philip rivers yelling in the thumbnail of this video looks like if mark zuckerburg and Elon musk became the same person

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