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This UFC’s video is titled Top Finishes: Irene Aldana and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:04:44, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Im so excited for this fight. Holly is obviously very good and this will be a good test for Aldana. She already beat Vereira who was supposed to be the next big challenger for Amanda so a win here should put her right in the mic for a title shot. A win for Holly is huge too, she can put herself right back in the mix

  2. if you think she will beat Holly easily you're crazy. she can box but no one has gone toe to toe with her.

  3. Her head movement and the way she throws her punches reminds me of Steve Fox from Tekken. Textbook boxing skills, boxing runs deep in Mexico, beautiful.

  4. I was there at ufc245 and I got to fist bump her on her walk out to the octagon. She made the crowd go nuts. Cool to see that same fist do a KO.

  5. I do think she has a good chance to beat Holly but depends on if she can land and if she can stop the takedown. The issue is where do we go from here lol. A title shot and get life altering koed by Amanda. I love Nunes but as long as shes around 135 will become more and more stagnant. The same as Anderson at 185, Mighty Mouse at 125 and Jones at 205.

  6. Su forma de pelear es muy peculiar, tiene golpe, sumisión y va bien abajo lo que me hace pensar que es una peleadora completa. Espero y siga trabajando duro para conseguir el titulo

  7. I can already see Holly in the post fight press conference with her face all beat up, saying “it just wasn’t my night, we’re gonna go back to the gym and…”. With all her losses, I just never know which Holly shows up. She’s inconsistent. And she Does get hit! I wanna see Aldana vs Nunes! But she’s gotta get through Germaine. Also on the card, by design I’m sure. Aldana’s record ain’t that great but Holly hasn’t been the quite the same since her fight with Rousey tbh. She Could throw a fight ending head kick, I guess, if she decides to use that weapon. And If the opportunity presents itself. Interesting fight as long as Holly brings it and doesn’t dance around the octagon all night

  8. I bet any UK ?? pounds the top Mexican ?? boxers have been tweaking her skills HH is nice & all that but she's getting done ?

  9. Even if Holly is old and past her prime she is still a waay better fighter, a more well rounded fighter than Aldana..

    Aldana is just a brawler..
    Holly is a technician, well rounded, former boxing champion, former Kickboxing champion, former UFC champion, beat highest lvl competition than Aldana..

    Even Megan Anderson and Sijara Eubanks could beat Aldana if she (Anderson) decides to change weight class.

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