Watch WWE FULL MATCH – Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett – WWE Title Match: WWE Bragging Rights 2010

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Wade Barrett looks to make The Nexus reach the top as he challenges Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at WWE Bragging Rights 2010: Courtesy of …

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This WWE’s video is titled FULL MATCH – Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett – WWE Title Match: WWE Bragging Rights 2010 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:18:15, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. This was one of the best storylines in 2010 in WWE, I'll never forget that moment where John Cena was forced to join Nexus at the time. It was a shocking moment, but I liked they're match Survivor Series 2010 where John Cena fired, and later got revenge on Wade Barrett and the Nexus before he was rehired and faced him at TLC. Good times, I miss those moments back in 2010 in WWE how it was.

  2. Come on now peeplo we all know that John cena had to go at one point i just still can't believe that Nikki Bella use John cena and for what Nikki you would have in aminzing life with John and cena still said that he loves you but no i know that couple was a fake sorry John but is the truth homies it is what it is

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  4. Jhon cena is going through all these because of that stupid man who hit Jhon cena when he was in his match against Wade Barrett ,when Jhon cena gave his word that if he loses he will join Nexus…???

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