Watch NFL Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens | NFL Week 5 Game Preview

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This NFL’s video is titled Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens | NFL Week 5 Game Preview and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:38, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Just looked at the injury report and Lamar Jackson is questionable as well as half the Ravens defense. Joe Mixon is also questionable it looks like. So, I’m going to say there’s actually a good chance the Bengals might win, especially if Lamar Jackson is out.

  2. Ravens 38 Bengals 20
    Ravens way too good in rush attack
    Lamar to bust some moves like last year against the Bengals.
    Nickname for Joe Burrow , how about "Bugsy" as in Bugs Bunny who lived in a Rabbit Burrow 🙂

  3. Want to see Lamar clean up that passing game. He missed a few touchdowns last week by overthrowing Hollywood on the deep balls. Needs to put more air underneath his throws like our last guy, Flacco, to allow Hollywood time to get to the ball.

  4. Joe Burrow is a joke fools gold lacks arm strength , he's not at L.S.U. the N.F.L. has a salary cap the Bengals will never acquire enough talent should have traded the #1 pick, A.J . Green and Joe Mixon from a talent standpoint they don't have any if you cant evaluate talent you wont win its that simple. Pro and college sports in Cincinnati is a waste of time.

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