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The Chicago Bears take on the Tennessee Titans during Week 9 of the 2020 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our other channels: …

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  1. Should’ve signed AP or L’Bell. Bears don’t have a cowbell RB. They need another WR. Dez Bryant, John Ross or AJ Green would compliment M. Robinson. Doesn’t help the OLine blows. Bears front office & Matt Nagy wasting a solid SB esque D. Hate seeing such talented group of defenders being wasted with an inept O.

  2. tart looks like a boss…both 4th downs he killed the guards then go to 5:21 and he completely blows up the play…he also had another qb pressure in this game…him and borders looked good

  3. What People dont get Is if you have to Throw the Ball 52 Times you already Lost no matter who you play.. unless you have The Best Receivers and O-Line The QB cant win throwing 52 Passes.. Ontop of The 2 Fumbles his RB and his Receiver did Nick Foles couldn't have won this Game

  4. It just hurts to watch Nick Foles. He's done and out already. Doesn't have any protection on the line, but throwing all those deflections. Sucks that Chicago can't get a decent qb and some linebackers.

  5. Love the boys! TitanUp! Defense becoming better but we will see this Thursday against the colts! Offense needs to step up, and they didn’t rush Henry a lot because they want him to ball out against the colts

  6. Might as well start Mitchell tribusky since their isn’t anything to do with the bears offensive line till the season is over. And their running game has been bad all year as well as the offense

  7. Life-long Bears fan here – our offensive line is one of THE worst in the league. Until this changes…it does NOT matter which mediocre Q.B. our illustrious management signs WE WILL KEEP HAVING LOSING SEASONS or ZERO playoff appearances…PERIOD !!!!!!! Mack and the defense were absolute BEASTS when Trubisky was first signed / started playing…since our defense has realized our offense is almost incapable of scoring any meaningful point totals…they look like they've taken their foot of the gas and have powered down. Why get hurt for a non-winning / non-playoff season…I hate to publicly say that , but I sadly think it's true. We need new management / ownership that is ACTUALLY CAPABLE and can THINK for a change or we're the next Browns.

  8. I miss football. I miss the days when "men" ran the ball across the goal line, instead of trying to just stretch it across to do the bare minimum. I miss the days when runner would at least deliver a Payton-esque hit before just ducking out of bounds. Miss the days when win or lose, a team at least toed the line and played "Bear football." I miss the days when men didn't clown for the TV cameras, cut their hair and didn't wear diamond jewelry and earrings on the field. Yes, once upon a time, football was a man's game.

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