Watch WWE 4 things to know before tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown: WWE Now, Nov. 6, 2020

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Sasha Banks and Bayley are set for a SmackDown Women’s Championship rematch, Survivor Series qualifying action continues and more goes down on the …

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This WWE’s video is titled 4 things to know before tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown: WWE Now, Nov. 6, 2020 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:03:18, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. First things first, can you imagine what's about to happen?
    It's Weezy the dragon, I link with the Dragons
    And we gon' get ratchet, no need for imaginin'
    This is what's happenin'
    Second thing second, I reckon immaculate
    Sound about accurate
    I know that strength, it don't come without strategy
    I know that sweet, it don't come without cavities
    I know the passages come with some traffic
    I start from the basement, end up in the attic
    And third thing third
    Whoever count me out, they simply can't count
    Let's get mathematic, I'm up in this, huh
    Is you a believer?
    I get a unicorn out of a zebra
    I wear my uniform like a tuxedo
    This dragon don't hold his breath, don't need a breather
    Love you, Miss Cita, the son of a leader
    I know the bloomin' don't come without rain
    I know the losin' don't come without shame
    I know the beauty don't come without hurt
    Hold up, hold up
    Last thing last
    I know that Tunechi don't come without Wayne
    I know that losin' don't come without gain
    I know that beauty don't come without
    Don't come without…

  2. Why people started liking Sasha banks, she just took a revenge and we are thinking that she is very cool. ? But I still hate her. That's a truth we have to belive that she is still that old Sasha banks as she was.

  3. If mom doesn't want repacks to be baught into the house im fine. I just do so much daydreaming on that lol. The piles I have are amazing i was almost done sorting when I started being hit by Radiologists.

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