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NFL UK’s Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell look back how the Pittsburgh Steelers stopped Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens in their tracks. The two former …

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This NFL’s video is titled How the Pittsburgh Steelers Stopped Lamar Jackson | The NFL Show 2020 | NFL UK and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:04:09, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. What I'm really shocked about is that here you got to brothers talking critically of Lamar Jackson, and no where in the comment section are the mob of comments calling them race traitors like they did Jason Whitlock. Why to go UK!

  2. Pittsburgh should easily be 4-3….
    3 close wins and 1 of those against a tanking Denver Broncos team..
    Just saying..
    Not hating…
    Heck 75% of NFL teams are tanking anyhow…

  3. The breakdown made sense but how is he 0-6 in big games when he beat the 8-0 Patriots last year on SNF. Kinda feel like they’re feeding a narrative

  4. Love the breakdown fellas. Been telling fans. Love the kid but idc if he's young or whatever excuse. So, is Deshaun. So is Joe Burrow. So is Josh Allen. So is Mahomes. So is Justin Herbert. So is…etc etc

  5. There are two things happening with lamar first thing is he is not playing his type of football he has allowed the media to force him to be a passer when the offense is made for his dynamic running. the second thing is the coaches have not had time to let him get comfortable being a passer with no outside threats . they need to have receivers that can create distance from defenders and if you look at the receivers they failed to do that in this game. Pittsburgh has always known how to play the ravens so i would expect them to continue to play great defence.

  6. What classifies as a big game, cause ppl always say Lamar can’t win the big games, he is 0-6 in big games. But then I think so Away game at Seattle wasn’t a big game….Home primetime game against an undefeated Patriots team with a Top 3 defense, that wasn’t a big game…..the home game vs the one loss 49ers NFC champions who were playing great on offense and phenomenal on defense. I feel like ppl only count games as big games when Lamar loses and forget the games against great teams where Lamar goes out wins and sometimes dominates.

  7. It is all rather simple really. When a new QB enters the league, other teams aren't sure how he is going to play, what his strengths and weaknesses are. Eventually, DCs get some tape on the guy and they start to work out a game plan to combat his strengths and expose his weaknesses. The more tape they have to analyse, the better they can plan against him. His main strength is obviously his ability to run when required and the fact that you never know when he is going to run and when he is going to pass. His weakness appears to be that when the Ravens are behind and he needs to go to the air, he lacks the talent to take a team down the field consistently. Another aspect to consider in the Steelers game, getting the big runs is fine, it keeps the chains moving, but as the field shortens, breaking away for big runs becomes harder as the defence has less field to cover. That is why the QB needs to go to the air in the red zone and that is when Lamar gets exposed to some degree. He can do it, but not consistently and certainly on this occasion, not always when it is required.

  8. I wouldnt say they came up with the perfect solution to the Ravens as the game was so damn close. It was the best game I have watched this season, game was an utter brawl.
    Also, waiting for him in the mid-field is only possible because they put a focus on boxing Lamar in the pocket and forcing him to throw. Looking forward to these teams meeting again.

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