Tony Ferguson Talks about his Loss to Charles Oliveira on UFC 256

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Tony Ferguson finally speaks up on his loss at UFC 256 vs Charles Oliveira!

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This UFC Mackenzie Dern’s video is titled Tony Ferguson SPEAKS ON LOSS to Charles Oliveira, Mark Hunt SWINGS on opponent, Nate Diaz, Jake Paul and credited to MMA FOCUS. Viewing time is 00:08:15, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Bro dont disrespect your mma channel by putting that coochie jake paul on your videos ..this a mma channel bro just focus on real fighters all this man does is fight people he has alot of size on like what kinda a man is that..straight pussy

  2. It’s just sad because it’s inevitable not to click on these dumb fucks “call outs” and they’re getting exactly what they want whether they get a fight or not (attention)

  3. What’s funny is he try’s to call Dana balled. He’s clearly hiding balding at early 20’s. Both him and his brother had transplants. That’s why he wears that mop down bullcut thing. Lmfao

  4. $50M haha! Jake thinks he gets the bigger share of that fight. You’re talking like you’d beat Conor up in the streets, why not call him out to a fight in the cage then big boy. I’d put money that Dana White could beat the crap out of Jake Paul in a real fight.

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