Watch – UFC 256 Fighter Salaries Bonuses Robbed the Women, Tony Ferguson makes $500k

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They were not really robbed but the men did take home the money vs the Women in UFC.

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This UFC Salary’s video is titled UFC 256 Fighter Salaries REVEALED, Deiveson Figueiredo post-fight DAMAGE, Tony Ferguson makes $500k and credited to Full Mount MMA. Viewing time is 00:08:25, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Dos Santos is giving up early in fights as soon as he gets touched he goes out on his face the same exact way everytime an see why half a mill for every fight he dont want to fight nomore you can see it touch him he face plants so it looks good he goes home with half a mill

  2. That’s wild I mean the flyweight division is awesome but it’s definitely the least popular it’s surprising to me that the ufc pays Moreno and figgy more than top fighters in other divisions that are more popular good for them tho especially Moreno he’s got millions of pesos in Mexico now good for him

  3. His hair look stupid so does that tattoo on his head kevin lee funny to his civilian clothes lol he said he cant keep quiting if he has a helmet that tells me he been giving up thats why he lost his last fight

  4. They forgot to count Tony's $20,000 promotional bonus. 520k for a lost still seems good to me. At least he wasn't as destroyed (physically) as he was against Gaethje.

  5. I'm slow: I just realized, that Dana and the UFC made a deal with Tony to fight Gaethje – $500K – that deal must have included another fight at $500K, win, lose or draw (Oliveria fight) – the question is: Did Tony negociate for more fights at $500K……..?? This is interesting – just figured it out – good for Tony

  6. 305k for Dern? She’s not even that good. Got her nose smashed in by someone with sub par striking and has missed weight multiple times. Dana “they robbed the women” White needs to start paying the females who don’t look like Instagram models who are clearly better than the likes of Dern.

  7. dern making 305 is so crazy i mjealous ill admit but thats why women wshould fight pay is in tehre if you aer tough unlike all the girls that ern beat

  8. Maybe I'm just a simpleton, but can someone explain to me how you can get a absolutely smashed and still earn more money for the fight than the one who did the smashing?

  9. I don't follow other sports, is it normal to talk about athletes salaries? Just seems weird to me. Not really any of my business how much other people make. I wouldn't want my shit public like that. And fans alway bitching about fighter pay, then stream a PPV, then do some mental gymnastics about how UFC doesn't have a good revenue split with fighters to justify streaming the event. Fighters agree to an amount on their contract, so we should mind our business and just enjoy the competition.

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