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Highlight from the NBA 2016-2017 Season Game: Spurs vs Warriors

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NBA season 2016-2017 is now on. Here are some highlight from the previous fight of San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors.

Video of NBA Game below:

Highlight from the NFL Game Seahawks vs Broncos

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NFL Season is awesome. Here are some highlight from the game Seahawks vs Broncos.

Video of NFL Game below:

NFL Best Highlights So Far!

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NFL are all about touchdowns, bouncing, jumps, flips and a lot of running to reach the goal. You can see in this highlight video how awesome these players are to play football, win and entertain us.

Video of NFL Highlights below:

NFL Awesome Goal Touchdowns!

in NFL

NFL goal is to touchdown and hit the big score. Fans expect more with their players, and some of them did not disappoint. Here are some touchdowns that rock the stadium for victory goal.

Video of NFL Touchdowns below:

Hot Chicks in Legends Football League (LFL)

in NFL

Here are the hot chicks of LFL playing and fighting for their team and unfortunately for themselves from other ladies trying to strip them off.

Video of LFL Bloopers below:

NFL 2016 Funny Bloopers

in NFL

NFL Season, a lot of things going on. Team winnings and losses, victory and disappointments. But here are some cool, woahh, and funny bloopers with some of your favorite players.

Video of NFL 2016 Bloopers below:

The Hottest Asian Female Athletes

in MMA

Sporati brings you the hottest female asian athletes.

Mika Nagano - Asian MMA
Mika Nagano – Asian MMA

These asian athletes are hot, charming, sweet looking but are very good at their respective sports.

Here is our list of the Hottest Asian Female Athletes.

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Highlight of Conor McGregor Versus Nate Diaz with Bloody Face

in UFC

It was a victory for McGregor defeating Nate Diaz in UFC 202. Conor threw much more effective punches which sent Diaz home with a bloody face. The king is really back!

Video of UFC 202 Highlight Conor VS Diaz below:

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