Watch NFL Cam Newton runs 72 yards & FLIPS into the end zone vs. Falcons in 2012

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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton busts loose on a 72-yard run vs. the Atlanta Falcons and scores on a head-first flip into the end zone in Week 14 of …

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This NFL’s video is titled Cam Newton runs 72 yards & FLIPS into the end zone vs. Falcons in 2012 and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:00:51, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Honestly, if the Panthers lose the susuperbowl, they have nothing to apologize for, they will deservedly be entitled tio do so with their heads held up high. Plus, this is a young team, great things can be expected of them going forward. .,

  2. Cam Newton has talent!!! I ? Cam Newton!!! He's the best quarterback in the NFL!!! I love Cam Newton!!! He's a legit dual threat quarterback in the NFL!!! He's a freakish beast!!! I ? #1!!!

  3. They’re trying to play him like he’s Tom Brady right now. They aren’t letting him run because they think he will turn into a passing QB. THAT’S NOT CAM! This dood is a runner, not a passer.

  4. amazing play. cam fools the d-line with a play action/zone read, olsen and #69 with the blocks up front. steve smith pushing the corner inside to give cam space. cam hesitating to let steve block one defender, cam outrunning the corner that steve pushed inside, steve making ANOTHER block on #21 to make him too late to reach cam before he reaches the end zone. it takes a whole lot to make a play work. and blocks are the unsung heroes to rushing touchdowns.

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