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Get the inside scoop and analysis from Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots players and coaches on one of the most discussed plays in recent history as …

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This NFL’s video is titled The Malcolm Butler Interception | Do Your Job: Bill Belichick & the 2014 Patriots | NFL Network and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:13:18, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Even after the play call, Wilson made horrible decision, he should have threw to QUESS WHO? Lynch! Who was wide open top right!

  2. Anyone else slow down the speed and notice pass interference? You can see him slightly hit early in real time too before he touches the ball. It’s bang bang and I’m glad the pats won this. But i was always surprised there wasn’t more talk about PI here

  3. "With the exception of my two kids the first time they were born"
    – Matt Patricia

    Definitely better than the second time they were born.

  4. That was completely Pete Carroll's fault why have Russell Wilson throw it, why not have (Mr. Beast Mode) Marshawn Lynch run it in ?

  5. Russell Wilson could have run it, Lynch could have run it. Someone from the O-Line could have thrown Wilson into the endzone.

  6. As a Falcons fan, I hate the Patriots so much but I'll be damned if I don't have respect for what that organization has done over the past two decades. Hate TB12 but got respect for him ???

  7. You could blame Pete Carroll for not running the ball, or you could realize that the patriots NEVER leave a stone unturned. They deserved that super bowl win

  8. To even suit up for a bill Belichick team makes you a professional, on and off the field. The amount of IQ in a team meeting held by BB must be unbelievable interesting.

  9. He said they played the Colts in Baltimore but the Colts don't in Baltimore anymore lol 0:46

  10. Come on! Wilson is a HOF QB, he has to take the blame for throwing that ball. Wilson could have easily optioned out once he saw Browner stuff the Pick allowing Butler to cut in and make the INT. Enough with the excuses!

  11. After constantly getting beat on that play in practice they still trusted him in a moment like that.. Wow, crazy

  12. Butler went from making $968,000/yr in 2016, $4m in 2017 and $10-15M/yr after that. Due in no small part to this performance

  13. The Seahawks should have gone for a screen pass as soon as they saw the goal line blitz to trick them

  14. Good I'm glad the Seachickens lost that's what happens when you should not have been there in the first place Justice

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