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Drew Brees passed for 312 yards, Ben Watson racked up a career-high 127 yards receiving to go with a fourth-down touchdown catch, and the New Orleans …

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  1. Jesus now the haters are crawling out of their holes. We're still 5-1 and a top 10 elite team in the NFL. We lost because of so many mistakes we made. We gave the win away to the Saints this game, and you guys are all now saying we suck when we're better than your team. Pats lost to the Phins and Chiefs last season, and they said that the Pats were done for. Just because we made really bad mistakes and fucked up doesn't mean we're a bad team fucktards. Now get outta here haters and go get a life because we're not gonna lose many more games.

  2. Saints Fan Logic: "OMG!!! We are 2-4!!!! WHO DAT? WHO DAT? WHO DAT SAY THEY GONNA BEAT THEM SAINTS?!?!" Lets see…. The Cardinals, The Buccaneers, The Panthers, and worst of all… The Eagles.

  3. Tried to tell Falcon fans that my Skins exposed them, Putting a crack into their undefeated armor and that it was a matter of time before they lose but, We were the ones that were "delusional" smh.

  4. saints might win against them  next time  too. The Atlanta falcons has worst defense issues than the saints. vic Beasley should of went off while that 3rd string tackle was in for peat.

  5. All I see is a bunch of irrelevant fans that have losing records talking shit about the Falcons. lol this really was the Saints super bowl lol y'all will keep having Mardi gras every day and look back on this win while you watch the Falcons in the playoffs LOL gtfo aints bitches

  6. Falcons could easily be 1-5 rn. They had close to miracle wins vs Giants & Redskins. I guarantee you if they run into either one of them in the playoffs they will lose.

  7. Falcons gonna destroy the Saints in the second game at the Georgia Dome! Falcons had a bunch of uncharacteristic turnovers and simple but disastrous mistakes. It could be the the short week, the fact that it was the first big rivalry game on National Television, how loud the crowd noise was in a road game but honestly it's probably for the better. Now they don't have the stigma of being undefeated so they don't get overconfident and they stay hungry to keep getting better.

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