Watch NFL Cam Newton Brings Down the Falcons! (Week 14) | Falcons vs. Panthers | NFL

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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton threw for 265 yards and three touchdowns in the team’s big 38-0 victory over the Falcons in Week 14. Subscribe to …

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This NFL’s video is titled Cam Newton Brings Down the Falcons! (Week 14) | Falcons vs. Panthers | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:02:19, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. 38-0 WTF!!! 38-0… Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers knows how to entertain their fans….38-0 dang>>>>>>>

  2. It's good to have fun but I hope he don't get mad when they eventually lose. If I'm Atlanta or any team this eventually will come back around and hope he don't act brash but winning cures all.

  3. I been on here battling the racist white folks but I can't blame em for saying I never seen anything like this! That was doing too much! Its not the SB!

  4. Remember when the Falcons were undefeated (lol) and their fans were talking about going to the Superbowl? Me neither. TRASH

  5. we were not prepared to play the panthers…. they are looking like a superbowl ready team. cam is for sure the mvp.

  6. I see some salty haters on here and im just wondering if they're mad their kid didn't get a ball if not themselves, look you can throw up stats all day but stats dont make the man or player, at the end of the day cam has helped lead his team to 13 victories with the help of many of his offensive and defensive players, he has clutched games and picked apart defense's, he is humble and he gives kids game balls to make their day he helped feed the queen city on thanksgiving and are their for cancer patients but all the haters can see is a winning qb with some stats not as great as others.

  7. Biggest playoff thriller will be Arizona vs Carolina. Both very talented teams on offense and defense and haven't played each other yet. Hopefully they'll face each other. But I gotta root for my cardinals. Huge respect for Carolina. Excellent in every category. Wonder how much Palmer being healthy will make a difference…

  8. Cam is taking over the game. Freak athlete playing QB, but built like a Martain. He enjoys contact and often seeks it, but isn't hurt all the time like luck. Now he is putting it all together and I don't see anyone stopping him. He's bout to steal the throne from Brady.

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