Watch NFL Cam Newton Plows Through Multiple Falcons on this POWERFUL Run | Panthers vs. Falcons | NFL

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Cam Newton moves the entire pile as he tries to fight his way for a first down. Subscribe to the NFL YouTube channel to see immediate in-game highlights from …

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This NFL’s video is titled Cam Newton Plows Through Multiple Falcons on this POWERFUL Run | Panthers vs. Falcons | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:00:46, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. damn I wish we could have ran the table but they will learn from this and be ready for Tampa bay then the playoffs.

  2. You falcon bitches weren't saying shit when they got there ass beat 38-0 a few weeks ago were you. still better then your team so stfu.

  3. My QB will always be Randall Cunningham. But, damn, CAM…you've got my vote for MVP in the Big Show come February! plowing through defenders, talkin' trash and taking numbers!!!

  4. cam you are the man!!! but please stop doing that hehehe…we need you on the field kicking ass, all it takes is one 400 pound line backer to fall on your knee

  5. Man falcon fans can keep talking shit but cam newton punked you guys the fuck out. Falcon's defense sucks dick.

  6. I was at the stadium and I couldn't believe he got the first down.

    I almost looked away twice (thinking the play was over).


  7. i actually wasn't to mad when we lost. But it was a good game till the end. it looked like we got a little cocky but we dont need to be 16-0 to win the superbowl.

  8. Shouldn't he be short since after he stretched the ball he brought it back behind the first down

  9. Some people are born to be singers. Some people are born to dance. And some are born to play football. Cam Newton is blessed with a rare gift and talent, and everyone who hates him are basically mortals who haven't yet found their own blessings in life.

  10. I LOVE how Trai Turner gets in the face of #20 sayin' "nuh-uh! Don't be bringin' that 'tude, I'll take care of it for ya!" at the end

  11. In superbowl 33, the Falcons lost to the Broncos, 34 – 19. Chandler thought it was a good idea to throw 3 interceptions and wait to finally throw his first and only superbowl touchdown in the fourth quarter.

    The Falcons suffered 3 losing seasons, until 2002 when they started Michael Vick and Keith Brooking which led to stumping Hall of Famer: Brett Favre, 27 – 7. But also led to getting stumped by the 7th greatest rushing QB of all time: Donovan McNabb, 20 – 6.

    They suffered another losing season and made it back into the playoffs next season and lost to, who else?
    Donovan McNabb, 27 – 10.

    3 more losing seasons and they're back into the playoffs. But lose in the Wild Card to 2001 MVP Kurt Warner, 30-24.

    A couple seasons later, the Falcons draft Matt Ryan and acquire one of the GOATs from the Chiefs: Tony G. And achieve they're greatest season since 1998. But of course. That wasn't enough, and still lost to another GOAT: Aaron Rodgers in the divisional round, 48 – 21.

    Next season, they lost in the Wild Card again to the underdog: Eli Manning, 24-2.

    Another season, another playoff L. The Falcons brought in Julio Jones, and Thomas DeCoud but still managed to lose to Colin Kaepernick in the Championship game, 28 – 24.

    After 3 struggling seasons, 2015 season came around and the Falcons clinched the second seed in the playoffs. This was their chance as they had the dream team: Vet QB & 2016's highest rated passer Matt Ryan, 2015's receiving leader & 2nd place in 2016 Julio Jones, 2015's rushing TD leader Devonta Freeman, 2016's Sack Leader Vic Beasley, and the 2nd best Center in 2016 Alex Mack. But fell victim to the first superbowl loss ever in overtime against the GOAT: Tom Brady, and blew a 28 – 3 lead, the biggest in superbowl history.

    The Falcons have always been trash. In my eyes, they're no better then the Panthers…

  12. Some are close, but there is really not another QB like him. When you see your QB not only physically dominate, but also get out there in the face of opposing teams… that’s intimidation and that’s football. What’s great is that Cam intimidates with a smile!

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