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Check out Week 15 highlights of the Atlanta Falcons vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars. Subscribe to NFL: Post Game Highlights (Week 15) | NFL: …

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  1. Just being honest and my own opinion but matt ryan is about as over rated as they come and is going to waste away all the great players Atlanta has around him especially Julio jones. If people really have the nerve to say manning is just a good regular season qb then you can damn sure say that matt ryan is only a good regular season qb for half of the season. He's had some weapons over his time in Atlanta and hasn't tone anything…

  2. Its crazy knowing that the playoffs is still possible ..We have 2 win the last 2 and the vikings and the seahawks have to lose there last 2 that way it will be a 3 way tie

  3. The Vikings will never do that, especially since Odell Beckham is suspended, so we have a better chance of winning the ball game, but honestly I think, I'd rather want the falcons to be in the playoffs then the seahawks, cause falcons are terrible, 7-7. VIKINGS WOOP WOOP

  4. Idk why but that last preseason matchup was rigged for one no WR is gonna confuse the curls route it's like the letter C in the WR ABCS and the Jags lost holding 2 timeouts still they could of forced a punt had either a miracle punt return which was possible actually or run it out of bounds and use their new rookie and star QB to throw a hail mary pass which Allen has potential to be a hOF QB in the league and easily could of pulled off the win. I honestly believe since some of the cordinators or staff of the jags was formerly working with the Falcons they agreed on losing or throwing that game maybe to please the Falcon's games. Either why Tom would have never been intimidated by other Team's fans on away games and cowardly gave up the game like that. It was shameful and I made sure I let the Jags know about it on their website. I seen this newb coach before make very poor calls and outrageous clock management where the Jags do have to play with 10 to 14 PT disadvantage cause the other team gets the final possession in the half and gets the ball back in the start of the 3rd quarter. I've seen Jags play really good before and lose cause of poor play calling and clock management. The Offensive Cord. I believe played on the Falcons and that game was rigged to please the fans. If I wanted to watch the WWE I'd watch the WWE. The NFL is rigged since it's takeover a few years ago the last Super Bowl(s) have all been rigged. I played football okay they can't fool me.

  5. Honestly their last Preseason I literally believe the Jags simply outplayed the Falcons they also did more injuries cause of the fuzzy concrete, turf field as well and less penalties. Cause the falcons kept getting called for Unsportsman like conduct and celebrating alot. The stats are whatever we know the Jags beat u Atlanta and you know it. IDK perhaps Gus likes losing games we had many chances and the play after play, drive after drive the jags would fall apart seemed rigged to me, did you catch the play where the Falcon's QB rigged to throw deliberately an INT to help the Jags get caught back up maybe they made the decision to giveup and throw the game on little things like that Idk. Jags didn't get the INT from that play but I still felt it was a sportsman like thing to do.

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