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Atlanta Falcons star wide receiver Julio Jones racked up 178 yards and one touchdown in the Falcons huge upset victory over the Panthers in Week 16.

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  1. Falcons literally have 3, maybe 4 players of value on their entire squad. They may have done Carolina a favor in this game to get them more focused for playoffs. Matt Ryan is still the most overrated QB in the NFL.

  2. Media blows up this Josh Norman kid who happens to be on a great defense because of there front 7! Now, that Norman and this Panthers defense got exposed from the Falcons, where is the media? I mean, it's clear that Panther fans are butt hurt when they're trying to argue there point of views with other fans. But, why isn't the media attention on the Falcons for winning the game and ruining the Panthers perfect season. Why is it that the media is only focusing on one play during this whole game? Why isn't these so called experts breaking down the tape on what the Falcons did to win this game? I mean, if the Panthers are that dominate then they should've blown the Falcons away again which is what a lot of fans thought before the game. IMO, what's more important and should be talked about is what did the Falcons do to take away Cam Newton and that high powered offense. Also what did Falcons do to expose that dominate defense? It's ridiculous that even when the #1 team in the NFL falters the team that beat them still isn't talked about. But, yet everyone is going to say the Panthers had a bad game. Seriously, pay "RESPECT" where it's due! Cause honestly, no one believed that the Falcons had a chance of beating the Panthers and ruining there perfect season!

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